Let me see now, the Eiffel Tower. Ah. Your finger please.

Why do you need my finger?

Well it’s bad manners to point with your own. There. The Eiffel Tower.

And where are we?

Where are we, now let me see – where are we? Ah here we are. There you are, and here am I. Feel it?

I’m interested only in the shortest distance between these two points. Must you flirt?

Well I don’t have to but I find it natural.

Suppress it.

I’ll try.

For my own information, would you call your approach toward me typical of the local morale?

Mademoiselle, it is that approach which has mad Paris what it is.

You’re very sure of yourself aren’t you?

Well nothing has happened recently to shake my self-confidence.

I have heard of the arrogant male capitalistic society. It is having a superior earning power that makes you that way.

A Russian. I love Russians! Comrade, I’ve been fascinated by your five year plan for the last fifteen years.

You’re type will soon be extinct.

last week’s films…

A Taxing Woman (1987), Juzo Itami ★★★★★

La Poison (1951), Sacha Guitry ★★★★

Sound of the Mountain (1954), Mikio Naruse ★★★★★

Man of Aran (1934), Robert J Flaherty ★★★★★

Shozo, a Cat and Two Women (1956), Shiro Toyoda ★★★★★

Eating Raoul (1982), Paul Bartel ★★★★★

We are going to end up in the country, with our own nice little restaurant. None of this ever happened.

21 Days (1940), Basil Dean ★★★★★

A Fuller Life (2013), Samantha Fuller ★★★★★

What kept going through my brain, was that I had a hell of an opportunity to cover the biggest crime story of the century, and nothing was going to stop me from being an eyewitness.

Track 29 (1988), Nicolas Roeg   ★★★★★   movie of the week

Flight of the Red Balloon (2007), Hou Hsiao-Hsien ★★★★★

Park Row (1952), Samuel Fuller ★★★★★

You remind me of the obiturary column. You’re always in black.

Vive le Tour (1962), Louis Malle   ★★★★   short

Sanshiro Sugata (1943), Akira Kurosawa ★★★★★

The moon is beautiful tonight. Enjoy the view.

The Men Who Tread on the Tiger’s Tail (1945), Akira Kurosawa ★★★★★

The Naked Island (1960), Kaneto Shindo ★★★★★

Set in the Seto inland sea (between Honshu, Shikoku, and Kyushu), film (with very little dialog) follows farmers maintaining their crops and raising their two children.

Verboten! (1959), Samuel Fuller ★★★★★

My Life So Far (1999), Hugh Hudson ★★★★★

Eraserhead Stories (2001), David Lynch ★★★★★

Because, a lot of things started in Philadelphia. And there is a certain mood to some of these interiors. And they carry way more than what you see. A thing is indicated from these interiors. Something about the light, and the molding, and their proportions, a thing is indicated. And the mood outside. And it sort of seemed like to me that there were factories, industrial buildings, and neighborhoods, dark and forlorn, tucked in somewhere, sort of like you can’t get there from here.

Run Of The Arrow (1957), Samuel Fuller ★★★★★

Ginza Cosmetics (1951), Mikio Naruse ★★★★★

Born Yesterday (1950), George Cukor ★★★★★ rewatch

Did you have your breakfast yet?

And lunch.

The Importance of Being Earnest (2002), Oliver Parker ★★★★★

Master of the House (1925), Carl Theodor Dreyer ★★★★★

The Girl I Loved (1946), Keisuke Kinoshita ★★★★★

The Brood (1979), David Cronenberg ★★★★★

The Long Day Closes (1992), Terence Davies ★★★★★