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Starlet (2012), Sean Baker ★★★★

I think I added this to the queue after seeing it on a few top ten lists. Stars Dree Hemingway (daughter of Mariel Hemingway).

I like films following the working stiffs of the world. A few directors excel at this – definitely Aki Kaurismaki, The Dardenne brothers, of course, and Yasujiro Ozu, to name just a few.

The film opens on an image. You’re trying to make sense of it, and when it’s revealed, slowly but surely you’re introduced to the space and the situation. You follow the protagonist through her day and it’s not until later that you even learn what she does for a living. And you get a title sequence. I highly recommend going in to this film blind. I did recall one word on the netflix dvd sleeve – slacker. One of my favorite themes, for some odd reason.

[SPOILER]There is one memorable scene where Jane’s clueless roommate tries to sabotage her relationship with Sadie, and the look that she gets is just perfect.[/SPOILER]

I’ll say one thing, this film is not for kids! But that is just a small part of the narrative, which fascinated me with each moment, each scene, every plot twist where you’re inwardly groaning and hoping and praying for a positive outcome. All the way to the end. After which I watched it again.

I will be following Sean Baker’s films.

edit: Tangerine (2015) red band trailer, July 10, 2015 U.S.A. limited release…