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The Criterion folks told us that Linklater’s BEFORE trilogy will be coming in 2016. BOYHOOD still coming!


The Decalogue (1989), Krzysztof Kieslowsk

These films will simply be about life. There are 10 films, and in essence each one is very different. Each has different subject matter, plot and style. Each film has a different director of photography. I think the various styles will correspond precisely with what I want to say in each film. And yes – there will be comedy. I think that the last film in the set will be funny. They are mostly what I call psychological films. I try to peel several layers of skin off of my main characters.

– Krzysztof Kieslowsk

A library find: Three disc set, booklet, 3 episodes on 2 discs, 1 disc with 4. Ten commandments, ten films. Booklet lists each commandment with it’s episode. Each just less than 60 minutes long. Made for Polish tv, it seems they may not have had commercial interruptions (none apparent anyway). I made it through all 10 in 3 days. Several short extras on the last disc. Several actors from The Three Colors trilogy.

Vanya on 42nd Street (1994), Louis Malle

Chekhov is not about pianos and love and candelabras. It’s not about costumes. It’s not even about relationships, primarily. And it’s certainly not about plot. What Chekhov is about fundamentally is the nature of the quality of passing your life. What it feels like to be here as we travel across the ocean of life.

– André Gregory

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Three from Todd Solondz

I have had Todd Solondz’ Happiness (1989) in my Netflix dvd queue for more than a year now. With more than 300 in the queue, other films kept me busy and I never got around to seeing it. So the first of his films that I saw was Life During Wartime (2009) (the “sequel” to Happiness). In one of the early scenes, there is a physical tie in to Happiness. There seems to be many links between his films. Welcome to the Dollhouse (1995) rounded out my intro to his filmography.

I could have seen any of those 3 films and it would have led me down the same path. I now have 3 more in my queue. I can’t wait to see one of his films at the theater.

Storytelling (2001)
Palindromes (2005)
Dark Horse (2011)

Coming soon: Wiener-Dog (2015) (tie in to Dollhouse)

Life During Wartime


Welcome to the Dollhouse

Chungking Express (1994), Kar Wai Wong

I’ve been wanting to see this for more than a year now. Netflix dvd does not have it, and the Criterion Collection (CC) restoration is oop (out of print). Added it to my library queue and it was a long shot as they had no copy at any of the 4 branches – but somehow they found their CC copy. I was checking it out, and pointed out that the booklet was missing and she said I remember this one – we thought it was gone forever, but found it without the booklet.

As I was exploring Kar Wai Wong’s filmography, I knew that this was essential. So far I’ve seen Fallen Angels (1995) (said to be a companion piece to Chungking Express), In the Mood for Love (2000), and The Grandmaster (2013).

That was a couple days ago, and I’ve watched it 4 times in a row – first viewing with English subtitles, second viewing with Asian cinema critic Tony Rayns’ commentary, third time with subs turned off, and the fourth with subs once again.

Easily all time top 10 material. .8