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Grand Openings, Pt 1-4, Analyzing David Fincher’s credit sequences – parts, by Aaron Aradillas and Matt Zoller Seitz

Alien³  |  Se7en  |  Fight Club  |  Zodiac


Alejandro González Iñárritu’s Birdman (2014), a few reviews

The Invented Worlds Of “Birdman” And “Whiplash”, October 24, 2014, By Glenn Kenny
“Birdman” Never Achieves Flight, October 23, 2014, By Richard Brody
Birdman, October 16, 2014, by Scott Tobias
Telluride ’14: Birdman, August 29, 2014, Walter Chaw

Criterion Confirms Eraserhead Issue, Announces Disc Replacement Program

Criterion Confirms Eraserhead Issue, Announces Disc Replacement Program,,

“Thank you for writing to us regarding your ERASERHEAD disc. As you may know, at about 65 minutes into the original camera negative, from which our new 4K master was created, there are 5 seconds of black where there should be a reaction shot of Jack Nance surrounded by fades to white.

We are aware of the missing picture and are preparing a corrected run of the Blu-ray disc and DVD Disc One (DVD Disc Two is not affected). When the replacement discs are available in a couple of weeks we’ll send you the correct version.

Please mail your old version (disc only please, do not include packaging) to the address below and include a note of exchange with your preferred USPS shipping address.

The Criterion Collection
215 Park Ave South 5th Floor
New York, NY 10003

When we send the new disc, you will get an email with a $10 gift certificate code to use on a future purchase at Apologies for any inconvenience and thanks for your patience while we fix this unfortunate mistake. Thanks for supporting Criterion!

Jon Mulvaney”