last week’s films…

The Shop Around the Corner (1940), Ernst Lubitsch 
★★★★★ rewatch

Pepi had to have sent Matuschek the letter about his wife. And Kubrick’s nod to Lubitsch with room 237 is appropriate, what with the split personalities of Jack Torrance and Kralik.

Story From Chikamatsu (1954), Kenji Mizoguchi 

The Lonely Passion of Judith Hearne (1987), Jack Clayton ★★★★★

The Eternal Return (1943), Jean Delannoy ★★★★

Army (1944), Keisuke Kinoshita ★★★★★

Place de la Republique (1974), Louis Malle ★★★★★

Princess From the Moon (1987), Kon Ichikawa ★★★

L’Argent (1983), Robert Bresson ★★★★★

The Piano (1993), Jane Campion ★★★★★  rewatch

Two keys.

Holy Smoke (1999), Jane Campion ★★★★★

Harvey Keitel in a Winston Wolfe type character, down to a similar coffee scene.

Sweetie (1989), Jane Campion   ★★★★★   movie of the week

I’ll go and get her…, Sweetie, telephone. It’s Bob Sweetie. Sweetheart ‘told you he’d ring didn’t I?

Bob? What’s he want?

Oh well he said something about an audition. He sounds excited. He’s waiting darling. He won’t wait forever.

The Strange Ones (2011), Christopher Radcliff, Lauren Wolkstein ★★★★★     short

A Touch of Zen (1971), King Hu ★★★★★    rewatch

You take the fat one.

Cronos (1993), Guillermo Del Toro ★★★

How to Get Ahead in Advertising (1988), Bruce Robinson ★★★★★

I might be a chancre, but my word is my bond.


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