last week’s films…

Pathfinder (1987), Nils Gaup ★★★★★

Meet the Filmmakers: Athina Rachel Tsangari (September 2016), FilmStruck 51 ★★★★★

Austin, Texas. At the post office buying stamps and bumping into Richard Linklater, who asks: are you here for the audition (Slacker)?

Fit (1994), Athina Rachel Tsangari ★★★★★

The Capsule (2012), Athina Rachel Tsangari ★★★★★

24 Frames Per Century (2013), Athina Rachel Tsangari ★★★★★

I told you someone would come.

You’re just an optimist.

Someone has to be.

That Night’s Wife (1930), Yasujiro Ozu ★★★★★

The Edge of Seventeen (2016), Kelly Fremon Craig ★★

Dumbland (2002) episode 1-8, David Lynch ★★★★★

Needle (2013), Anahita Ghazvinizadeh ★★★★★

The Trip to Bountiful (1985), Peter Masterson ★★★★★

Enchanted April (1991), Mike Newell ★★★★★

Monterey Pop (1968), D.A. Pennebaker ★★★★★

Winter Light (1963), Ingmar Bergman ★★★★★

Daisies (1966), Vera Chytilova ★★★★★

The Children Are Watching Us (1944), Vittorio De Sica ★★★★★

Smoke Signals (1998), Chris Eyre ★★★★★

You want me to sign a paper or something?

No way. You know how Indians feel about signing papers.

Set Me Free (1999), Lea Pool ★★★★★

Carmen Comes Home (1951), Keisuke Kinoshita ★★★★★

Equinox (1970), Jack Woods 82 ★★★★★

Robinson Crusoe (1954), Luis Bunuel ★★★★★

Obsession (1949), Edward Dmytryk ★★★★★

Capricious Summer (1968), Jiri Menzel ★★★★★

Story of a Love Affair (1950), Michelangelo Antonioni ★★★★★

Jaws (1975), Steven Spielberg ★★★★★

He didn’t eat a car, did he?

A nos amours (1983), Maurice Pialat ★★★★★

Powwow Highway (1989), Jonathan Wacks ★★★★★

A Hen in the Wind (1948), Yasujiro Ozu ★★★★★

A Nous la Liberte (1931), Rene Clair ★★★★★

Blossoms & Blood (2003), Paul Thomas Anderson ★★★★★

Soundbreaking (2016), episodes 1-8, PBS ★★★★★

Woodstock was probably the biggest door I ever walked in to. I remember that I was, the influence level of the beat, damn, why did I take LSD before I went on? You know the, the guitar neck, it felt more like an electric snake that wouldn’t stand still, that’s why I’m making ugly faces trying to make the snake stand still so I can like play it you know. I remember saying over and over, God, I’ll never do this again. Ever. If you can just keep me in time and in tune. That’s all I ask. That was my first mantra.

– Carlos Santana, ep 5


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