last week’s films…



Bananas (1971), Woody Allen ★★★★★

Without Limits (1998), Robert Towne ★★★★★

Based on a true story I wasn’t familiar with, and the ending surprised me. A snippet of Lee Michaels’ hit was a bonus.

Kubo and the Two Strings (2016), Travis Knight ★★★★★

ParaNorman (2012)was another good one directed by Travis Knight. Stay seated during the credits; first, Regina Spektor’srendition of GH’s classic – then the stop motion in action shots.

Men & Chicken (2015), Anders Thomas Jensen ★★★★

Now You See Me (2013), Louis Leterrier★★★

High-Rise (2015), Ben Wheatley ★★★★★

Also directed the outstanding A Field in England (2013).

Star Trek Beyond (2016), Justin Lin★★★★★

The Unspeakable Act (2012), Dan Sallitt★★★★★

An interesting study of one section of a family unit, who at one point gets a knowing glare from the other sister.

Green Room (2015), Jeremy Saulnier★★★★★

I didn’t realize that Jeremy Saulnierdirected Blue Ruin (2013), which was also excellent, from the opening scene to the ending.

The Silent Partner (1978), Daryl Duke ★★★★

Screenwriter credit to Curtis Hanson, who passed away September 20th.



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