last week’s films…

10 Cloverfield Lane
(2016), Dan Trachtenberg ★★★★★

I think maybe it’s time you met Frank and Mildred.

Movie of the week. Have been a Mary Elizabeth Winstead fan since I saw Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, and she almost steals this from John Goodman. The opening sequence action will wake you up. Looking back on the whole film, I think the word bookend applies.

Spoiler video – watch after you’ve seen 10CL

[ John Goodman nails it with his explanation of phase 1 of an alien attack: big hits, followed by round 2: ground sweeps, as explained by the U.S. Army recruiter in Signs. ]

The Deep Blue Sea (2011), Terence Davies ★★★★

Les herbes folles (2009) aka Wild Grass, Alain Resnais ★★

A Dangerous Method (2011), David Cronenberg ★★★★

Somewhere (2010), Sofia Coppola ★★★

Since I cancelled Netflix DVD, my movie watching has taken a dive – and last week saw one trip to the theater, 2 pay per view streaming, and one tv (TCM).

Netflix DVD? Not a long story at all. They lost all clout with USPS, and in the past I would get more than twice the number of DVDs in the mail in a week than what they have degenerated to today.

The Story of Temple Drake (1933), Stephen Roberts ★★★★

I’ve been a fan of Miriam Hopkins since I saw her in Ernst Lubitsch’s Trouble in Paradise. This film is decidedly darker, and sexier and glaringly pre-code. TCM comes through once again.

Heart of a Dog (2015), Laurie Anderson ★★★★★

This doc seems to flow like a river through several lives. Movie of the week. Streamed it on Vudu and it is worth every penny. Watched it twice so far – and I think I own it, so I’ll be watching it again. Like a quilt, the story gathers it’s pieces and they all come together in the end.

The VVitch (2015), Robert Eggers ★★★★★

I know what I expected, and going to see this was a gamble for me due to this, but I needn’t have worried. After the opening scene hooked. I did think of M. Night’s The Village for a few seconds there, but the similarities are purely cosmetic. The final title card before the credit roll is telling. Tied for MoTW.

The Treasure (2015), Corneliu Porumboiu ★★★★★

Streamed this on Amazon and it’s a shame it’s a rental as I’d watch it again and again. Definitely in line with Police, Adjective, and 12:08 East of Bucharest. I still need to see When Evening Falls on Bucharest or Metabolism.




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