other films from last week…

Heavenly Creatures (1994), Peter Jackson ★★★

He sure likes to move the camera; dolly, crane – almost Blair Witch Project dizzy.

Secrets of a Soul (1926), Georg Wilhelm Pabst ★★★★★

Dream sequences https://vimeo.com/122966510 (Subconscious Cinema vimeo video linked – found this blog post: NEW SAVANNA: Animals in Cartoons: Tripping the Elephants Electric when doing a “pink elephants with electricity” image search). Spellbound immediately comes to mind. So many others. Just last week I rewatched Michael Haneke’s Cache with it’s dream flashback. Oh and pink elephants…, I just added Dumbo to my library queue.

F for Fake (1973), Orson Welles ★★★★★ and Almost True: The Noble Art of Forgery (1997), Knut W. Jorfald ★★★★

Having just watched Art and Craft (2014) a few months ago, another art forgery documentary, these two fit right in nicely, the second one being a supplement on the Criterion disc 2. The I’m a girl watcher candid double take sequence on F is worth the price of admission right there.

Fellini Satyricon (1969), Federico Fellini ★★★★★

Almost hit eject, until I started noticing the art and set design, composition, and performances. Reminded me of the 1981 Clash of the Titans, without the stop motion. Seems to me all (?) of the effects were physical right down to the gushing blood and earthquake shaking building collapses. Ebert’s 4 star second paragraph starts with The movie is based on a book that retold degenerate versions of Roman and Greek myth. I would agree with the degenerate part.

Steamboat Bill, Jr. (1928) ★★★★★, Charles Reisner Buster Keaton, The General (1926), Clyde Bruckman Buster Keaton ★★★★★

Number 477 and 35 on TSPDT (February 2014 edition). Double dvd from the library. Essential Keaton, imho. [riding the locomotive side rod as it starts moving, house falling on him, leaning into the wind storm]

The Innocents (1961), Jack Clayton ★★★★

Found this one at #405 on TSPDT. Quite the non-standard ending. Would make a great Halloween showing. Deborah Kerr, Michael Redgrave.

Into the Wild (2007), Sean Penn ★★

Documentary material. The sister’s narration through the timeline was done well.

Spectre (2015), Sam Mendes ★★★★

One trip to the theater over the last couple weeks. I’ve found I turn my mind off during these Bond films lately. I got the below two rewatches after seeing the references in Spectre and didn’t realize until a few minutes in that I had already seen Skyfall.


Quantum of Solace (2008), Marc Forster ★★★★

Skyfall (2012), Sam Mendes ★★★★


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