other films from last week…

La Sapienza (2015), Eugène Green  ★★★★★

Beautifully filmed. Fans of the Dardenne brothers will recognize Fabrizio Rongione. Even the extra Les Signes, on the dvd, is excellent, and stars Mathieu Amalric.

The Gospel According to St. Matthew (1964), Pier Paolo Pasolini ★★★★★

The main film on the dvd is the shorter 91 min, colorized English dub version (ugh!). Yeah, I got suckered into watching that one first. Then, hiding in the extras, I find the original 137 min b&w, which gets the 5 stars.

Beware of Mr. Baker (2012), Jay Bulger ★★★★★

I grew up listening to him in the seventies, and never knew half of the stuff this doc puts out. The title sequences are great.

Pandora’s Box (1929), G. W. Pabst ★★★★★

I’ve been searching for the oop Criterion Collection dvd to watch for a while now, and just happened to check the local library and sure enough – two disc set with the monster thick booklet; disc 2 full of supplements – Richard Leacock Louise Brooks interview, Looking for Lulu documentary, along with the disc 1 Thomas Elsaesser and Mary Ann Doane commentary (dogs and cats) and 4 scores to choose from. Nice, clean disc that played flawlessly.

One trip to the theater this week:

Rock the Kasbah (2015), Barry Levinson ★

I had hopes of another St. Vincent (2014).


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