You, the Living (2007), Roy Andersson ★★★★★

I’ve seen one other film by Roy Andersson, Songs from the Second Floor (2000), which set me up for this one nicely. I was watching some of the director interviews on You, The Living, and he mentions his commercials, which are available on youtube. I actually saw his latest limited U.S.release, A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence (2015), playing at my favorite theater and I didn’t realize it was a Roy Anderssson film. So now I’ll have to settle for the Artificial Eye (Region 2) dvd I just ordered a minute ago.

There is one scene that is a must see. I’m going to type it in white so as to not spoil it for those who will actually seek out this five star gem (highlight between the brackets to read):

[ The scene starts with the below screen capture. The girl, who you’ll recognize as she’s in several earlier scenes who is seeking this guitar player’s affections, starts talking to the camera about a dream she had. The next scene is her dream; a very small apartment…, the guitar player is sitting in a small kitchen and starts playing a song. He has his back to a refrigerator and a window’s right pane to his right showing an unrecognizable scene that may be distant trees. The girl is in her wedding dress with her veil still on in the next room framed by the door from the kitchen sitting on the bed and taking off her signature pink boots. There is something strange about the window scene. Something on the bottom is flickering. At first I thought, that’s a reflection of a ceiling fan as it’s flickering on the bottom, but then I thought – they’re showing the view of someone on a train. So I focused on the window for a utility pole to zip by or something like that and sure enough, slowly but surely you see that it is in fact a train that they are on, but how can a train have a cabin that looks like an apartment interior? Then the camera ever so slightly moves left, showing more of the window’s left pane, and then the scenery slows, and you see it entering a station and a very large crowd of people are looking at this cabin / apartment and start running along like fans at a concert and the train stops. Scene shift to the fan’s pov on the station platform and they are looking at the side of a multi-story apartment, slowing to a stop at the station like it’s a train (nothing pulling it).

And I did start watching it a second time and noticed the first scene dovetails with the last.

Search for You, the Living | Dream Honeymoon Scene to view. ]


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