other films from last week…

Don’t Look Now (1973), Nicolas Roeg ★★★★

The opening scene. Sound effects commensurate with the weather. Slow zoom and the sound adjusts to being closer to the pov. Masterful direction, editing.

Sonatine  (1993), Takeshi Kitano ★★★★

Yakuza going to the mattresses.

Comet (2015), Sam Esmail ★★★★

Before trilogy compressed into one film.

Melinda and Melinda (2004), Woody Allen ★★★★

The film opens with Shawn Wallace and Larry Pine, who both acted in the 3 Gregory / Wallace collaborations, discussing the plays that they do, comedies and tragedies respectively, and a member of their party suggests a story, and the versions appear before our eyes.

Gosford Park (2001), Robert Altman ★★★★

Helen Mirren and Maggie Smith in top form, with Kelly Macdonald giving Charlie Chan a run for his money.

The Future (2011), Miranda July ★★★★

It’s unfortunate that she only made two films. The one deleted scene is great.

Kingsman: The Secret Service  (2015), Matthew Vaughn ★★

Heaven Is For Real  (2014), Randall Wallace ★

White Oleander  (2002), Peter Kosminsky ★


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