a couple other films from last week…

Carlos (2010), Olivier Assayas 320 minute 3 part tv series ★★★★

Quality tv. Not that hard to believe, what with Fanny and Alexander 4 part series, The Decalogue 10 part series, Mysteries of Lisbon 6 part series, True Detective first season. Carlos fits right in there, and Olivier Assayas has not disappointed yet.

Cranes Are Flying (1957), Mikheil Kalatozov  ★★★★

Stars Tatiana Samoilova, who is also in Letters Never Sent (1959).

Frontier (2003), David Zellner ★★★

Stars Dazed and Confused’s Wiley Wiggins.

A Time to Live, A Time to Die (1985), Hou Hsiao-hsien ★★★

Hard to accurately rate these films as the ebay dvds for this and Boys from Fengkuei have sections that refused to play more than a few seconds a minute, and I almost gave up until it finally continued on. The English subtitles don’t seem as refined as The Puppetmaster.

The Boys from Fengkuei (1983), Hou Hsiao-hsien ★★★

See A Time to Live, A Time to Die above.


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