a diary of suffering… Mysteries of Lisbon (2010), Raoul Ruiz ★★★★★

A 4 and a half hour marathon of a two dvd set from netflix, 118 minutes for part I, and 144 minutes for part II – that is stopping the clock when the credits start to roll (there is a 6 episode tv version).

Several stories that intricately connect in a Russian Ark like stroll through time. Since I didn’t want this almost 5 hour film session to turn into 6, I held back and put the remote down and did not hit rewind when the subtitles literally flew by with no possible way to keep up with what is being said. Not to worry, as this is definitely on my purchase wish list.

I have to say I keep seeing Léa Seydoux after seeing her in Blue is the Warmest Color, and a recent rewatch of The Grand Budapest Hotel.

I need to see more of Raoul Ruiz’ films.


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