a couple other films from last week…

Elles (2011), Malgorzata Szumowska ★★★★

Elles, with Juliette Binoche getting caught up in her work, reminds me of Sean Baker’s Starlet (2012) a lot – but the later is a much better film, and if you didn’t notice, his new film Tangerine (2015) is playing (though not in this town yet).

About Elly (2015), Asghar Farhadi ★★★

About Elly starts seeming too idyllic. The performances at times seem forced, though the subject matter quickly goes south. I had to make an amazon uk region 2 purchase to see this. I think I need another viewing maybe next week.

Out of the Furnace (2013), Scott Cooper ★★★

Formulaic. Predictable. A worthy library dvd check out.

Maps to the Stars (2015), David Cronenberg ★★★★


2 thoughts on “a couple other films from last week…

  1. 8xqtw3 Post author

    I should have noted, that was a rewatch. Did you get to Mia Wasikowska’s finger dance? That’s the best part. I also like how the beginning credit graphics show an actual map to the stars, with streets and stars where the stars live I guess, and during the closing credits, after the final scene (which I won’t mention in case you watch this again) [spoiler]

    it changes to constellations. Which I’m not sure many people catch.

    [/ spoiler]



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