Incendies (2010), Denis Villeneuve ★★★★★

Made three years before Enemy and Prisoners, and all three have a different director of photography. You can tell you’re watching a Denis Villeneuve film though. In some of the cityscape scenes, you can feel the dread as was evident in Enemy, and almost expect a skyscraper sized arachnid as you see the smoke from the burning buildings. Incendies will keep you on your toes and you won’t know where the 130 minutes went.

edit: Rewatched this the next day – there is so much that I missed. I have this dvd from the library for another few days and I probably will watch it a third, and maybe fourth time. It is that good.

edit2: Third rewatch. I am still catching things I missed. Especially where characters gain information. The pool scene has so much going on. I am buying this dvd.

edit3: movie of the week


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