A Master Builder (2014), directed by Jonathan Demme ★★★★★

There’s a point during the last third of A Master Builder where you lean into the screen so you don’t miss what is being said. Someone whose job it is to bring out thoughts that will never see the light of day otherwise. Reflections of life in a casual conversation. From someone who you thought you knew up until that point in the story lets out what is incomprehensible. A slow boil until the point where the pot is rattling off.

Dedicated to Louis Malle, who directed the first two André Gregory and Wallace Shawn collaborations: My Dinner with André (1981) and Vanya on 42nd Street (1994).

[SPOILER]So are you happy to be moving over into the new house?
I ought to be because he so much wants me to be happy about it.
I’m sure that’s not the only reason to be happy, is it?
Oh, yes it is, yes. That’s my simple obligation in life Miss Wangel – to do what he wants. Simply to yield.

But there are many occasions when it’s terribly hard to beat one’s spirit into the necessary submission. [/ SPOILER]


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