Wings (1966), directed by Larisa Shepitko ★★★★

Ukrainian director Larisa Shepitko’s debut film. Included in Criterion Collection’s / Eclipse Series 11: Larisa Shepitko which includes this film and her last: The Ascent (1976).

The opening scene is an out of focus view of shoppers on either side of a busy street. I immediately got the feeling like I was in a Michael Haneke film, and that I better pay attention or I’ll miss something (as in Cache’s final crowd on the steps scene, and the early scene in his The Piano Teacher, when the camera is turned toward the audience, as year hear the orchestra taking the stage behind you). Then you focus to the far center right of the frame as you see a quick meeting, then the tailor magically walking toward you as the camera dollys backward slowly and you’re in his shop.


2 thoughts on “Wings (1966), directed by Larisa Shepitko ★★★★

  1. 8xqtw3 Post author

    I remembered The Ascent from a short clip in Mark Cousins’ The Story of Film: An Odyssey – the scene where they are hiding in the attic. You’ll like Wings. There’s only a few aerial scenes, but they are breathtaking – and of course only a small part of the narrative. Larisa Shepitko did get in some hot water for depicting family conflict.



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