Inside Out (2015), directed by Pete Docter ★★★★½

I sat there during the 20 minutes of first look (regal cinema) commercials, and I guess since I was in the 2D showing, I needn’t have worried about it getting crowded. I did have to let two couples past me near the aisle, and the guy behind me did get a kick to my back in toward the end, but all in all not a noteworthy crowd – which is good.

Then the diarrhea of the trailers. This is what they do now – targeted trailers. Since you’re in a pix ar film (ha, fooled the auto cap bot!) they figure you’re going to see every tom dick and harry animated film! After more than 20 minutes I had enough! And the first pi xar short was kind of lame. I had hopes with the opening two birds flying, then they added the corn. Yes, I like contemporary Hawaiian music like the next guy, but it wasn’t that good. I started to think of my pledge after watching big hero 6 – no more Disney! That two star film had that impact on me.

But when Inside Out started. Ok. This is what was spoiled by me watching the trailer. Inside the head. And the out become readily apparent. Then I unintentionally blurted out an oh! I usually control my outbursts in a theater. And it wasn’t a particularly noisy crowd, but you could hear a group in the front right (I sat in my usual mid left seat). This coincided with the dad’s head comment (on father’s day)

[spoiler]reporting high levels of sass[/  spoiler].

And then the dog and cat toward the end. They nailed that cat. Reminded me of George Carlin: What’s that? Not me. ____ that, I’m a cat. Something break? Ask the dog.


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