Fanny and Alexander (1982) 312 minute television version, Ingmar Bergman ★★★★★

AKA Fanny och Alexander. The Criterion Collection dvd box set (5 discs) includes both versions of this film: the cut down 188 minute theatrical version, and the original 312 minute (5.2 hour) 4 part television version, which it is said Bergman preferred. My dvd player showed each episode length to be:

episode 1: 92:32
episode 2: 75:01
episode 3: 56:51
episode 4: 83:43
total………..308+ minutes, 5.1 hours

Easily viewed if you watch an episode a day. I watched them in almost one sitting. I know what my next Barnes & Noble Criterion 50 percent off sale purchase will be!

The blu-ray box set has 3 discs, and you don’t get Bergman’s introduction to 11 of his films, and a selection of Bergman trailers.

From the opening scenes, after an almost Ozu series of outside shots, you are taken into the Ekdahl family home, and follow them through their journey until the final scene.

There are a few detours, many that are thanks to Uncle Isak, and Alexander himself, and later Ismael, Isak’s nephew’s brother.

Fanny and Alexander took 4 Academy Awards: Cinematography, Art Direction, Costume Design, and Best Foreign Language Film.


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