An Autumn Afternoon, 1962, Yasujiro Ozu

Ozu? I just dropped everything to read this! Excellent review. I just watched this a couple Fridays ago – my log entry: 04.24.15 – An Autumn Afternoon (1962), Yasujiro Ozu 113 N (113 minutes, netflix dvd). iirc, I bumped it up my queue just for the fact that it had David Bordwell’s commentary. One of the best! I like recognizing actors from previous Ozu films (and Kurosawa’s!).

Criterion Close-Up

An Autumn Afternoon ended up being Ozu’s last film. While it is a shame we don’t have a few more Ozu films in color, this was a solid ending to a legendary and masterful career.

For those who have seen Ozu films, the style is completely familiar. It focuses on domestic issues, is shot from a low angle with a camera that never moves, has a somewhat slower pace, and speaks solemnly on the intricacies of life and relationships.

This transition shows an interior with signage in the exterior. This transition shows an interior with signage in the exterior.

transition 2

transition 3

Ozu has plenty to say about the contrast between modernity, technology, commercialism, and a nostalgic fondness for the way things were. This is mostly established by his clever use of transition shots. The character scenes take place almost exclusively on interior sets. The transitions between these scenes show both a commercially vibrant Tokyo with elaborate signage, and also a worn down…

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