World of Tomorrow (2015), Don Hertzfeldt

Nominated for an Oscar for his animated short Rejected (2000), I’ve been watching a few of his films lately. Just got his dvd: Don Hertzfeldt Volume 2: 2006-2011, which includes the following 3 films:

It’s Such a Beautiful Day (2012)
I Am So Proud of You (2008)
Everything Will Be OK (2006)

I’ve since ordered  Volume 1, 1995-2005; Animated Shorts by Don Hertzfeldt.

I had heard his new short, World of Tomorrow, would be available via video on demand (vod) March 31, 2015. So I thought I’d check it out.

I’ve seen three 2015 films so far, two at the theater (It Follows and ’71). World of Tomorrow is my current #1.

From his forward: i learned very quickly that you cannot direct a four year old. you cannot even expect a four year old to recite lines back at you.


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