The Decalogue (1989), Krzysztof Kieslowsk

These films will simply be about life. There are 10 films, and in essence each one is very different. Each has different subject matter, plot and style. Each film has a different director of photography. I think the various styles will correspond precisely with what I want to say in each film. And yes – there will be comedy. I think that the last film in the set will be funny. They are mostly what I call psychological films. I try to peel several layers of skin off of my main characters.

– Krzysztof Kieslowsk

A library find: Three disc set, booklet, 3 episodes on 2 discs, 1 disc with 4. Ten commandments, ten films. Booklet lists each commandment with it’s episode. Each just less than 60 minutes long. Made for Polish tv, it seems they may not have had commercial interruptions (none apparent anyway). I made it through all 10 in 3 days. Several short extras on the last disc. Several actors from The Three Colors trilogy.


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