Capote (2005), directed by Bennett Miller

Bennett Miller’s Foxcatcher (2014) lead me to watch this film. I knew that I liked Foxcatcher , but had reservations for some reason, so I moved Capote to the top of my queue and I now understand it better. His close up cuts to facial expressions, the long takes, the slowing down of the story. I have not made a 2005 top ten list yet, but I’m thinking this is top ten material – I know Joe Wright’s Price and Prejudice is there, as well as quite a few foreign films (Koreeda, Haneke, Dardenne brothers, Herzog). The cast. Philip Seymour Hoffman, one of his greatest performances. Catherine Keener as Harper Lee – who wrote To Kill a Mockingbird, and was Capote’s assistant on In Cold Blood. Clifton Collins Jr. as Perry Smith. Chris Cooper, Bruce Greenwood, Mark Pellegrino. For me, Capote brings Foxcatcher up a notch or two.


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